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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Can I make an appointment for clinical consultation / to see a doctor?

    The NRCP laboratory does not provide any clinical consultations to the members of the public.  For clinical consultations and appointment with a doctor, please contact the J.D. MacLean Centre for Tropical Diseases.

  • What kind of specimen is acceptable for serology testing?

    Go to Type of Specimen and scroll to Serology.

  • What kind of tube should be sent for serology testing?

    Specimen (i.e. serum, CSF) should be sent in 2.0 mL microtubes.

  • What type of blood collection tube should be sent for PCR testing?

    Blood or Bone marrow must be collected on EDTA tubes (lavender-capped tubes). Specimen collected on heparin will be rejected.

  • Can any other type of sample be sent for PCR testing?

    PCR testing can be performed on a large range of body fluids (i.e. amniotic fluid, vitreous fluid, abscess fluid, pleural fluid, etc.) or tissue biopsies.  Go to Type of Specimen and scroll to PCR.

  • What temperature do the samples need to be sent at?

    Go to Type of Specimen for temperature conditions.

    Biopsy for Leishmania culture must be sent at room temperature in a Styrofoam box to protect from temperature variation.

  • Where can I obtain information on Leishmania biopsy sampling procedures?

    For information on procedures for Leishmania biopsy sampling, click on the PDF.


  • Can multiple tests be requested on the same requisition?

    For any given sample (same patient and same collection date), several tests can be requested on a single requisition form.


  • What is the difference between African trypanosomiasis and American trypanosomiasis?

    Although their names are very similar, the two diseases are very different and are present in different parts of the world. Refer to the patient’s travel history and clinical symptoms to choose the appropriate test.


  • Is it necessary to indicate the travel history of the patient on the requisition form?

    Yes, it is necessary to indicate the travel history of the patient, especially for all Leishmania and Malaria requests.


  • Do you accept specimen over the weekend?

    The NRCP is closed on the weekends and statutory holidays, therefore, specimens are not accepted during that time.


  • We have a STAT / URGENT sample. What shall we do?

    Call the NRCP to inform about the STAT specimen.  On the NRCP requisition, CLEARLY write in big and bold letters “STAT”. Alternatively, affix a red label marked STAT.


  • We need to have an additional test added to a specimen already at the NRCP. What shall we do?

    Call the NRCP and please send a fax with the information on the patient as well as the additional test(s) requested.


  • There are some corrections that need to be done on the results we received. What shall we do?

    Please send a fax with the NRCP # and the corrections that need to be made.


  • What is your fax number?

    The NRCP fax number is the same as the phone number i.e. (514) 934-8347.


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